Meet the Team

Shaneil Teji


Shaneil graduated from Abingdon, Oxford with a Master's in Mctimoney Chiropractic and qualified in Diversified Chiropractic Techniques as well as achieving a diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and Personal Training which in turn set him on the path of becoming a Chiropractor. Shaneil has been in the health industry for over 15 years and is continually furthering his knowledge and skills in order to provide high quality care for our patients.

Shaneil Teji


Qualifications and Registration:

  • Masters in chiropractic (Mctimoney Chiropractic, Diversified Chiropractic and Integrator technique)
  • Registered with the General Chiropractic Council – Registration number: 03963
  • Personal training diploma
  • Sports therapy diploma
  • Fitness and nutrition diploma
  • Black belt in Goya-Ra-Ru karate
  • Acupuncture


chiropractic care


To help with your experience at CHIRO- Chiropractic and sports injury clinic, we:

  • Are located in the centre of Bedford Town, walking distance from the High Street and St Paul's Square.
  • Provide Free Parking to all patients during their visit to CHIRO.


We are experienced in:

  • Using chiropractic care to remove nerve interference throughout the body.
  • Working with all age groups from children to the elderly.
  • Promoting health awareness.
  • Rehabilitating people back to enjoying exercising after an injury.
  • Sport Injuries affecting performance.
  • Helping the body heal naturally.


health awareness


Techniques used:

  • Mctimoney chiropractic
  • Diversified chiropractic
  • Integrator chiropractic
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Muscle energy technique (MET)
  • Soft tissue releasing (STR)
  • Myofascial releasing (MFR)
  • Trigger point therapy (TPI)
  • Food Management
  • Rehab Exercises at home and gym
  • Acupuncture (between integrator and deep tissue massage)

To help your healing Shaneil uses a multidisciplinary technique approach, this is so that he can help you heal quicker and stay healthier for longer.

Shaneil works on a one to one basis which enables him to provide patients with a confidential, professional, competent and honest chiropractic care service.


I came to Shaneil with a left foot problem which started approximately October 2012. I had other forms of treatment with no improvement. I started treatment at the end of June 2013. I felt immediate relief of pain, prevailing walking at more than a hobble. Now I am able to walk without a problem almost all the time. I can walk distances again when I feel like it. I feel better because I believe I am receiving good and correct treatment for my problem. It's 1 on 1 and I'm not pushed into doing anything or buying anything. It's a relief to get really good treatment at an affordable price and, because the treatment works, an excessive number of sessions are not required.
–Elizabeth Robertson

Our Values

We work on a one to one basis and aim to help you in the most efficient, effective and affordable way.

We are passionate about your healing and encourage patients to keep us updated on their recovery.

We use a multidisciplinary technique approach, this is so that he can help you heal quicker and stay healthier for longer.

The human body is like a puzzle. We strive to find the best approach to enable you to return to an active lifestyle.

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